The Skill

The Skill

The Richard family has entrusted the winemaker-guru, Eric Boissenot, with supervising vinification since the 2014 vintage.

Reception of the grape harvest takes place in vats, identified by each plot, in order to respect the characteristics of the terroir and the grape varieties. Following 4-5 days of cold, pre-fermentation maceration to extract and stabilize the fruit aromas, the process of fermentation is allowed to begin. Then comes the time to run off the juice : The free run juice flows directly into vats, while the press juices are carefully selected, according to 4 quality-levels, before being sent to barrels for malolactic fermentation.
In the January- February period the teams are reunited in order to carry out the blending or “assemblages”. The resulting wines are put in oak barrels for carefully measured maturing; the expression of the terroir and the finesse of the tannins must not be overwhelmed by excess oakiness.

Wines from Chateau Victoria are matured in French oak barrels (30% are new barrels) for a period of 12 months. The second wine “Victoria II” is partially matured in barrels.

At Chateau Le Bourdieu Vertheuil, barrel maturing also lasts for 12 months, using 20% new oak barrels. Its second wine, Château Picourneau, is matured in vats with the aim of producing an appealing, easy- to drink wine.